Our dedicated Conductor Rail Equipment teams support the delivery of Permanent Way works in collaboration with Works Delivery Track.  Our teams support Track in all aspects of electrification works including from the planning/surveying stages to delivery.  Our teams will survey the works with the Network Rail teams and highlight what HV risks may be apparent, if any Rack outs are required and help write a suitable scope for the delivery of ETE and ETM works.  Following this HV assessments and switch out where required will be written and booked.  Fuse Rail will then supply HV competent people and organise any substation switch outs that maybe required.

Additionally Fuse Rail then support the Track team with the installation or modification of any bonding, DC cables and insulator pots.  To complete the process Fuse Rail will provide the drawing office Red Line drawings if any asset has been amended so that suitable records are kept of the track.