Fuse Rail are able to provide installation and maintenance services in all aspects of Conductor Rail Equipment (CRE).  Our CRE team have a huge wealth of experience in delivering projects from initial conception through to design and delivery.  Our team is comprised of experienced ex-Network Rail Maintenance engineers and installation teams to provide a broad range of expertise and awareness of the assets from both mind-sets.

Our capability allows for the team to deliver complex conductor rail renewals, side ramp installations and DC Feeder renewals to the installation of Low Smoke and Fume insulators to tunnels and covered stations.

Fuse Rail has delivered the transposing and gapping of conductor rails within South Eastern Depots and Sidings throughout 2019 and will continue throughout CP6 helping to deliver a safer working environment for depot staff.  This works also requires the installation of guard boarding and the re-routing of DC cables, the project requires the installation of over 6000 meters of guard boarding along walking routes.

Conductor rail slew