Fuse Rail

Network Rail instructed Fuse Rail to survey and verify that all Signalling Location Cases containing 650V equipment, do not pose a risk of electrocution to the general public or maintainers/operators, due to compromised earthing and/or exposed live components.  Where no earth is present or the existing earth fails to comply with the Target Earth Resistance value, the Scheme looks to install new Earth Rods to the Location Case in order to meet the correct calculated resistance value, with the additional installation of a Perspex enclosure thus mitigating 650V touch potential. If however this is not viable, the Scheme will identify the sites where the installation of Class II Double Insulated Switchgear and Transformers will provide full compliance.

Fuse Rail
  • 600 Safe Works Packs Planned and Created
  • 1600 Location Surveys Completed
  • 230 Class II Installations
  • 800 Earth Rod Improvements
  • 500 Remedial Works